Podcast Episode 4!

We have the new podcast for you! Give it a listen and leave some feedback! There is a question of the week for you to answer and when a prize.

On this episode: Jeff talks about mobile service carriers, Isaias talks about his curry flavored Ramune, and Emma wants ICE CREAM!!!

Email us at jeff@tek-rev.com or isaias@tek-rev.com

Episode 4


7 comments on “Podcast Episode 4!

  1. Thank you for the mobile update. Tmobile has been awful, i have called 911 and the call didnt go thru! I will definately be moving to Verizon, I’m actually thanking about just paying out of my contract! Any advice on that?

  2. I think theres some crazy fee of $300 per line and then they’ll let you free. So I guess the question is there a loop hole that will allow you out of your contract w/out paying that absurd amount and w/ out hurting your credit score.

  3. Heres another question for the podcast I guess more for the I-man its regarding the Walking Dead, would he rather follow the orders of the Govenor or Myrtle?

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