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Podcast Episode 8 Part 1!

WE’RE BACK!!! Sorry for the delay. On this episode Isaias hosts and Jeff has a life lesson to impart to you. We have now decided to split the podcasts into two separate parts for ease of use. Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2!

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Episode 8

Tearaway has a release date


This game was announced August 2012 for Vita, now we finally have a release date. October 22nd

If you are nto aware of what this game is, it looks like a 3d platformer/puzzle game. It uses the touch screen and touch pad to solve puzzles (I presume). There has bee footage where you touch the back touchpad and a finger rips through the floor of stages. Looks fun and enjoyable… should be a nice addition to your Vita library. Also, this is from the guys who brought you Little Big Planet if that means anything to you

New Bat-games announced


Batman: Arkam Origins is in developement (not by Rocksteady) for PS3, 360, PC and yes, even WiiU… should be out by October 25th this year.

Also being in developement and realsing the same day is a handheld version for 3DS and Vita. To be a “Metroid-vania” style game.


Source: IGN