Limbo finally coming to Vita


June 6th this popular game will finally make its way to the PS Vita. This is a puzzle platformer and not a game based on the popular gravity defying dance made popular in Trinidad… sorry, all you Limbo dance enthusiasts

Source: IGN

PS4 console teaser images

Console_21 Console_4 Console_5 Console_6 Console_7 Console_8 Console_9 Console_19


would have really enjoyed some real images but this is what we are getting so far……. lame. It doesn’t really matter what the console looks like but they could at least show more.

Playstation Plus upcoming awesomeness

Coming May 7th, Playstation Plus Member shall be getting a free copy of Sleeping Dogs. Supposedly it is a very good open world game. What are your thoughts on this? And if you played this game already, what are your opinions on it?


Source: IGN