Sorry Mario, but your awesome game is in another console…

Isaias shares his thoughts on the new Mario game



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Sony, bringing the goods

Are you a PS+ member?

if answer was yes: Well then you are in luck… here is a promo that Sony just released for the games you will be getting for free this month


if answer was no: you are dead to Sony

New Smash Bros trailer to debut next week


According to Smash Bros dev, Masahiro Sakurai, we will be seeing footage one the new Smash Bros game next week… the following is a tweet he made:


“Notice: On the June 11th 11PM Nintendo Direct, the first footage of the new Smash Bros will be aired for the first time. For the first time, simultaneously worldwide! Don’t miss it.”

Look out and look forward to that.


source: Kotaku

Last of Us reviews are in


The reviews are rolling in to the inter-webs and they seem to be glowing. Naughty Dog apparently has hit a home-run with this one. Not a surprise though considering this team is “the best video game developer” (at least that is what some fans are calling them)… If you wanna read these reviews then go to Metacritic and see for yourself.