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Awesomenauts coming to PS4

taken from the Awesomenauts website:

Today we announced that Awesomenauts will be released on the PS4 later this year! This new version will get all the gameplay and balance improvements from the PC version and all the content that has been added to it up until the launch of the PS4 version! This will include a roster of at least 15 ‘nauts, the new Aguillon map and you’ll be able to buy all the skins that have been released in the meantime as DLC!

so, this is something to look forward to for all you PS4 peeps out there šŸ˜€


PS+ Update

here is the newest addition to your free games library for all dem PS+ peeps. This is a great game and it has some really kickin’ tunes in it šŸ˜€ enjoy!!