We are Teknocratic Revolution. We cover everything, except politics, screw that noise.

About Isaias:

Co-Founder, Editor, Podcaster

Contact Isaias:

Email: Isaias@tek-rev.com

Twitter: @sapo4show

SoundCloud: sapo4show

Wii U: sapo4show

Steam: isaiasf84

PSN: sapo4show

About Jeff:

Co-Founder, Editor, Podcaster

Jeff is one of the Co-Founder’s of Teknocratic Revolution. More to come about him when he can think about what to write.

Contact Jeff

Email: Jeff@tek-rev.com

Twitter: Jbmcduff

Wii U: Jbmcdizzle

Steam: Paintballer182

PSN: Jbmcduff

Xbox Live: Brokilli

4 comments on “About

  1. Whoa too much news to handle on a Tuesday! You guys will do great! Hmm I wonder if I’m the first person to comment on y’alls website!

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