a gaming console that WONT make you sick and kill you

Before anybody gets all angry because of this blog, know that this is coming from a person who is primarily a Nintendo gamer but is also going to buy both the PS4 and Xbone. I am an equal opportunity gamer and I believe that all the consoles have very amazing things they are brining to the table with their exclusives.

After watching all the recent Sony Gamescom stuff and seeing the fanboy outrage of the things they said on stage about Microsoft…. “we have a clear message and aren’t backpedaling.. blah blah blah”.

Anyway, I am just a guy sitting in the stands and watching everything. I am not on either team and pretty much rooting for both to be successful. But I can’t help but to draw comparisons to this situation and the Arrested Developement episode “Making a Stand”. In this episode: both brothers have a frozen banana stand that are pretty much identical. They decide to resort to tactics to attract the customers. Dropping prices, advertise with scantily clad women and slandering the other stand.


So, I am guessing you can see what I am speaking of now. Sony drops the price at the last minute to compete, Microsoft tries to make their console more appealing to consumers and Sony slanders them.

Here’s the way I see it: These consoles are very similar. They have their exclusives but the bottom line is that they are pretty much gonna be the same console. One is gonna play Gears of War and the other will play God of War… that’s it. But these things they are doing on stage and stuff is just going to make fanboys rage more on the world wide web. That’s all it does, at least that’s how I see it. I am still buying both so I just see this as dumb. I honestly thing that these companies want nothing less than an all out war.


They are both just fighting for our money… capitalism at it’s best. And yes, I did put Bane as Microsoft and Sony as Batman…. doesn’t mean I am predicting a winner and loser. *Dark Knight Rises Spoilers* Catwoman was the one to kill Bane. And who is Catwoman in this situation? Anne Hathaway.

Man, I kinda just derailed my own blog… oh well. Regardless of what console you buy, hope you enjoy it. For realzies. Thanks for reading and remember to have happy gaming 😀

2 comments on “a gaming console that WONT make you sick and kill you

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  2. Yeah! To hell with company “X” and the things they said! Company “Y” is gonna have the better exclusives anyway! Those stupid company “X” fanboys are so dumb for believing in things.

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