Hexagon: Nature’s Favorite Shape

I know this is maybe a strange blog to see at this site but oh well… this is our site so I can blog about what I like. Anyway, I found this interesting and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Nature has seemed to choose it’s favorite shape: the hexagon. It’s a cool shape, I guess. I think we humans need to adopt this shape as well. It looks structurally sound. The following are examples and evidence of such occurences.


 1683167_com_wikimediac         5004639_orig download-wallpaper-free-wild-c-25003 nature1 bee1

I never noticed this before but wow… those are hexagons there. Ok, the tiger may be a bit of a stretch but you could still kinda see it with the shape of the head and stripes surrounding it.

Water and such

w_d_saltpane foam Snowflakes_4

One of the pics above show examples of snow flakes, the other is sea foam and the other are cracks… I am sure you guys can see the shapes in those. If you can’t, here’s a hint: it has to do with what this blog is about…


Saturn-hexagon-2 More Hexagons on Iapetus_Background

that’s right folks, I said “space”… One is a pic of a spot on freakin Saturn and the other is craters on our moon. Coincidence? maybe… but maybe not :O

and lastly, my favorite

Hexagon Pool

nature__s_hexagons_by_silvershadowwolf-d41zcrn hexagons_best causeway-code_poet-4

This is a pool that is in a place called Golan Heights, in a country that is not America… these rocks are all natural. Hexagon rocks and they are actually pillars. Amazing. One day I am going to go see this thing… once I find out what country this is in. I give this pool a score of 5/5 stars….

For more info on that pool, here is a link to the Wiki

thanks for reading, folks….

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