Majora’s Mask, I hardly knew ye

There was a time before Majora’s Mask had come out…. it was a post Ocarina of Time world. My mind was still shocked at how amazing that game was. A couple years had past and I saw a picture for an upcoming Zelda game. It looked like it had similar graphics, so I was on board. A couple more years had come and gone and I didn’t even realize it had already released. I played it…. everyhting died in the game…. I hated it. Never picked it up again. Until recently.


Now that I have the patience to get into a game and understand the mechanics I thought it would be a great time to pick it up again since it had released on 3DS recently….. best decision ever.

So far, the story is phenomenal and dark and moody. It’s exactly what I have been wanting from a Zelda game. I loved Twilight Princess cause it was dark and this game kicks it up A BILLION TIMES. The Skull Kid is such a tragic character, I find myself feeling sorry for him constantly. And dat Mask Salesman….. sooooo creepy.




If you have a 3DS or are planning on buying a 3DS/3DSXL/2DS/New 3DS/New 3DSXL then this game is definitely a must play. For fans of Zelda or fans of action RPGs…. pick it up.



the moon kinda looks like Freddy Kruger in this photo lol


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