MegaMan Anniversary contest

So I , like many other gamers my age, respect this gaming franchise alot. So much so that I wanted to have a contest going here… If you can name me all the characters in the picture below (from right to left, top to bottom) I will give you some free swag (movie, download code etc.) remember to comment in the comments section to submit your answer.  Here goes, good luck gamers



4 comments on “MegaMan Anniversary contest

  1. Right to left, top to bottom:
    Heat Man
    Mega Man
    Crash Man
    Bubble Man
    Air Man
    Ice Man
    Fire Man
    Guts Man
    Elec Man
    Cut Man
    Bomb Man
    Bright Man
    Top Man
    Spark Man
    Snake Man
    Shadow Man
    Needle Man
    Magnet Man
    Hard Man
    Gemini Man
    Wood Man
    Quick Man
    Metal Man
    Gyro Man
    Gravity Man
    Crystal Man
    Charge Man
    Toad Man
    Skull Man
    Ring Man
    Pharaoh Man
    Dust Man
    Drill Man
    Dive Man
    Yamato Man
    Wind Man
    Tomahawk Man
    Plant Man
    Knight Man
    Flame Man
    Centaur Man
    Blizzard Man
    Wave Man
    Stone Man
    Star Man
    Napalm Man

  2. Heat Man,
    Flash Man,
    Crash Man,
    Bubble Man,
    Air Man,
    Ice Man,
    Fire Man,
    Guts Man,
    Elec Man,
    Cut Man,
    Bomb Man,
    Bright Man,
    Top Man,
    Spark Man,
    Snake Man,
    Shadow Man,
    Needle Man,
    Magnet Man,
    Hard Man,
    Gemini Man,
    Wood Man,
    Quick Man,
    Metal Man,
    Gyro Man,
    Gravity Man,
    Crystal Man
    Charge Man
    Toad Man
    Skull Man
    Ring Man
    Pharoah Man
    Dust Man

    Incomplete list because I saw I had already lost 😦

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