My Evening with the Oculus Rift


Pictured above is the best thing to happen to gaming since dual analog sticks… and the Oculus Rift.

I remember walking up the stairs in my friend’s home. He was saying something but I wasn’t paying attention. All I could think about was finally getting my hands on his Oculus Rift. I read so many articles and heard so many stories. I was finally going to have a story of my own to tell people. Before I went to his house, I had already known this was going to be an epic night of epicness. I even posted pictures on my personal Facebook profile of the night and the album was titled “Epic Night of Epicness”. After eating the most amazing burger (pictured below), my body was ready (sort of).

French Fry Burger (a burger with french fries in it)

French Fry Burger (a burger with french fries in it)

I sat down and talked for a bit before I played. It was not my turn yet. I watched this guy, Justin, play it for a bit but I walked away cause I didn’t want to spoil anything for myself.  After he was up, I sat down. The first game I played was not as much a game as it was an experience. It was a roller coaster type thing. It started and I was climbing a rail in my cart. That climb seemed to go forever. I turned my head in all directions to test out the motion. Worked perfectly. I looked at the scenery around me… there were castles and trees n such. I got to the top and thought to myself “here we go”.  I fell……. it is interesting how your brain tricks you into believing that you are actually falling. I actually gripped the chair’s arms for a second till I realized how ridiculous it was to do so. but my mind and body felt as if it were rushing. It was incredible. Below is someone’s mom playing this game:

The next game was another experience type thing. It was a space flight sim. I just kinda flew around different planets. I would stop at each one and read factoids about the planet. Then I saw the different sizes of stars as compared to our star (which we refer to as the Sun). It is really cool to see a moving 3D representation of it. Put a whole new perspective on how small we are (lol). The coolest thing about this though was the music. Really mellow piano playing while you float around in space. It was really majestic. It seriously brought a tear to my eye. Below is some guy playing this game:


The last game I played (and my favorite of the 3) was Surgeon Simulator. This game’s controls are so freakin crazy and the game altogether is so wacky…. but that’s why I loved it. My friend set it up and handed me the two controllers. They reminded me of the Wii nun-chuck but with more buttons. There is a thumb button to move your thumb to and from a fist. Two other buttons that controlled the other fingers the same way. Then the same thing on the other hand. You move your hands forward or across to pick up tools and use them. My mission was to remove a rib cage, remove organs and put a heart into the cavity I made without losing too much blood. Simple as that… doesn’t even need to be placed in correctly. Well, I am a bad surgeon, I suppose. First, I grabbed a hammer to remove the rib cage. All this did was collapse some ribs into the organs (which is bad). So I grabbed an electric bone saw amd tried to meticulously cut the rib cage to remove it. I accidently dropped the bone saw while it was running and it hit the rib cage and flew off to an unreachable area. By the time I tried to pick up some ribs out of the chest cavity, the patient had bled too much. Leaving me to fail and lose another patient. I guess that’s the life of a real life surgeon. It was super fun though. Below is a video of some dude playing:


So, all in all, I do recommend this device. I know I will be getting one. The HD one should be out sometime. If you get the chance to try one out, I suggest you take that chance. Thanks for reading folks and have happy gaming 😀

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