Sorry Mario, but your awesome game is in another console…

Here I go, showing my Mario fanboy colors again (red and blue)…

First off, let’s watch this trailer:


Now, think back with me for a second. Do you remember Super Mario 64? This was a huge HUGE deal. The first real 3D game that was easily controlled. Nintendo hit the ball out of the park on this one. The world was big (seemed big back then) and it was vibrant.

A few years went by and the Gamecube launched. We waited for a 3D Mario… then we were introduced to Mario SUnshine. It was so freakin weird (to me). Here is Mario, with a water jet pack, no real power-ups, on a tropical island. It was so out of the blue but it was really cool. It was so unique and fresh. I honestly didn’t play it for a few years cause I honestly wasn’t sure about it. When I finally did play it though, it was a really solid Mario game with some honestly challenging platforming. The Water Jet Pack physics were definitely amazing.

Now we come to the pinnacle of platforming. Mario Galaxy and Mario Galaxy 2. Yes one of these is a sequel but it’s a dang awesome game. The Mario Galaxy games cannot be explained in great enough terms for me to capture the magic of these games. You must experience it. Herein lies the problem though; these games are so great and so amazing to every single Mario fan that there is no single way to top it. How does one top perfection? How does a person see these amazing games and say “ok, I want to do something new and better than this”…. you can’t.

So finally I come to my main point… this new Mario game (which I have not played yet but I am basing my opinions on what I have seen) is not what I wanted. This new game is just an HD sequel to the 3DS game. It is just an isometric view instead of a fully controllable camera like the other 3D games. Sure, it looks like it will be fun and I know I will enjoy it but this is not the successor to the Galaxy games. One of my main beefs with this style game it that the camera is fixed… meaning, most (if not all) of the secrets will be easily seen and accessible. Remember that moment when you looked up into the light in Mario 64? Well you aren’t going to do anything like that in this one… 

Cat power-up looks cute and I am sure it will bring a lot of fun but I want more. I seriously believe that someone called another person and said “make this next game just like the 3DS game but shinier”. I know why they did it though. The 3DS game is what sold consoles to people when the 3DS was doing poorly… now the WiiU is doing poorly so they think this will sell consoles for it. It’s an easy 3D style game for casuals to enjoy… but the 3D console Mario games were supposed to be the most hardcore of the Mario fans.

Anyway, I know I will enjoy it but I guess like many other fanboys of whatever they are fanboys of: I wanted more

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