The Black Sheep (love letter to Super Mario Bros. 2 U.S.)


The little Japanese game that warms my little heart


So the tale goes as far as I know is that Nintendo thought the real Super Mario Bros 2 was much too hard for Americans. So they reskinned a game named Doki-Doki Panic to have Mario characters in it and made it into the U.S. version of Mario Bros 2. Below is a picture of Doki-Doki vs Mario skins.



There are many reasons why I love this game and this is actually one of my favorite Mario games (even though, it technically isn’t a Mario game).

First and foremost, it gave you the choice of who to play as. Not only that but it gave you different abilities depending on who you chose. Luigi could jump high, Toad was fast and could dig fast, Peach could do a temporary float and Mario was just kind of an even keel character (you would later see this carried over to Super Mario 3D World). I always chose Toad. This and Toad’s Treasure Tracker on the WiiU are the only times I have enjoyed his presence.

Next: I loved the enemies. They were all so different and strange and we haven’t really seen these enemies since this game. Sure, there is the occasional Shy Guy in the party games but not much else. Those black star jumpy things make a small appearance in Super Mario World in Bowser’s last castle as well. Also, these crazy bosses were never seen again in a game… which is strange cause they put them in the Super Mario Brothers Super Show.

hqdefault (1)

The stages: One moment you’re running through the dessert, the next you’re digging through sand in a pyramid to open a door and fight Birdo that shoots ONLY FIRE!! Most stages consisted of 2 main parts then a mini-boss or actual boss fight at the end. Heck, even the first stage had you running through a grasy area, then go into a cave and finally climbing up vines through the clouds… only to fight Birdo for the first time. Mini-boss, right off the bat. Speaking of different parts of the stages; there were at least half a dozen vases (pipes) in each stage that you could climb into and get a turnip or turtle shell or bomb etc that you can take out of the vase and use on your opponents.

speaking of which



Lastly and (I feel) most importantly: it was the first game Mario (and friends) could carry objects. I feel like if Nintendo had never reskinned this crazy game, they may have never had Mario carry any items like turtle shells in Mario 3. Maybe he would have eventually but Mario definitely learned that move on Mario Bros 3 from his adventures in Mario Bros 2.

That’s all I have to say about this gem. Opinions? thoughts?

welp, thanks for reading 😀



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