The War Continues

The battle of the Seventh Generation consoles is now coming to an end. The dust settles. In this battle one has stood above the rest in sales, Nintendo. After the grueling and devastating defeat they took in the 6th gen, they returned and were victorious. And although many abandoned their Wii, the fact is that is reigned supreme.

Sony though, they held strong with their lagging sales and pushed through this fight with creativity and original IPs. One can’t help but wonder, how they fell to last place after their victory of 6th generation. Was it advertising? Was it consumers? None will ever know.

Lettuce not forget Microsoft. They battled a good battle and drew the first blow in November 2005. They were out for blood. They got their blood and received their money through their online fees and many iterations of their console. Black, White, Orange, 50 gig, 150 gig, 2000 gig…. they wanted all the money and the consumers were eager to give it to them…………

Now a new battle has begun. Nintendo has dealt the first blow this time. The only problem is, they aren’t as strong as they thought they were. They have been living on top for a whole generation and haven’t really had to fight at all. They’ve grown weak…. They released their console and had their “plumber” on the front lines and yet have not gotten the results they wanted. They have taken their winnings for granted, just like Sony did in the past generation… Perhaps this time they will fall again. That has recently been shown to be a possibility.

On February 20th, 2013, Sony sent a warning to all other console empires out there. It was in the form of a press conference. It was loud and it was proud, definitely so others can hear it. Sony won’t go down so easily and they will fight on. Their hardware will be more powerful. Their tactics will be more efficient. Their games will be more entertaining. PS4 is their weapon, and from the looks of it, it seems to be an effective one……..

And yet I worry about Sony still. They showed off their guns too early. This gives Microsoft ample time to counter and prepare themselves. Microsoft may be the last to this party but that may prove to be a good plan. After the blood is spilt between Nintendo and Sony, they will tire themselves out…. giving Microsoft the perfect environment to take all for it’s own. They don’t need great exclusives or free things that cater to fans. They just need to use great advertising. That is their weapon and they know exactly how to use it.

The future is filled with mystery. Will past failures lead to good decisions? Will the giants of the past generations be taken down by their respective “little boy with a sling-shot”? Only time will tell. For now I just plead with you and say: have fun and play nice

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