Welcome (first post)

From 1/14/2013

To begin we would like to say Welcome! Thanks for visiting our new site! We appreciate you coming here to read the stuff that we write, typos, bad punctuation and all.

Instead of writing in the ‘we’ view for the whole post, each of us will write how we came to doing this. A personal backstory for you.

— Jeff —

Hey Everyone!

I would like to first say that Isaias and I did not come to the decision to branch off on our own lightly. Personally, I do not harbor any ill will towards our old site. I have great respect for our former staff members there. However, there were a few things that made Isaias and I start thinking about branching out on our own. The big problem I had was the scope of the old site. The place that we were previous was focused on one thing, which is fine. However throughout our time there I felt as though I wanted to branch off and start discussing something else, but, what I wanted to talk about did not fit into the scope of the old site.

There were other things that I had a problem with, but they all stemmed from the scope problem.

I hope that you find this site entertaining and informative. I want this site to be more organic in nature, there are no dumb ideas, no bad feedback. If you, as a reader, think we should change the theme, we will consider it. If you think we are talking too much about Android and would like for us to cover more Apple, we will consider it. If you have an idea for the podcast, or would like to be on the podcast, we will consider it.

In a nutshell: We treasure your feedback.

I am very excited about this new direction that Isaias and I have decided to go in. I look forward to collaborating with him on future projects. I know we have a lot of ideas to try out. I ask that you be patient as we continue to lay the ground work for the endeavor.

We appreciated you visiting our site! We hope you come back often!



Hey readers and listeners,

First and foremost, just wanted to say thanks for reading. We really appreciate it. You guys rock.

Secondly, I just wanna say that I feel the same way my handsome hetero-lifemate feels… I have no beef with anyone on the other website. I just needed to “spread my wings” a little. Talk about other stuff. I am passionate about a lot of things and I want to be able to talk about it. This website isn’t only about me though. I want to hear your feedback on the things we say here. Do you agree or disagree? Do you like the same stuff that we like? Things of that nature.

I am honestly excited about all this. Can’t wait to post all different kinda things. News, opinions, artwork, pictures etc. It’s gonna be fun. Oh and we can’t forget podcasts… Yup, me and Jeff in the podcast-sphere. Look forward to those.

Anyway gang, once again thanks for stopping by. We appreciate your input. We appreciate you reading and listening. Stay happy, folks…


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