Evil Dead 2013 Review (how to “out-Raimi” the Raimi)

Evil Dead 2013 Review

by: Isaias Frias

Evil Dead Remake 020



This movie’s story is pretty standard stuff… Youths go into a cabin, something is wrong with the cabin, terrible things happen. It’s not that interesting but you can’t blame this movie considering it’s source material. One thing I can say though is that they take the story from the original and build on it. They add back story to characters and a back story to this cabin as well. This makes the movie so much better. You actually connect with these characters and you find the reason to stay at this cabin and why they continue to stay at this cabin to be more plausible.



The visuals are amazing. Every grousome cut and wound looks so realistic. There are some effects that could only be done with CGI but it’s barely noticable if noticable at all. We have come far from the claymation and puppets of the original movie. This is real top tier visual effects. There were moments in this movie where I wondered if the person actually did die in real life….. that’s how good it was.



This movie (unlike the original movie) is all about acting. The struggles and pain and emotions are actually believable…. none of this “hack-acting”, The scares are real and the people feel like people. The main chick blows Bruce Campbell out of the water. She is believably possesed. The secondary characters are just as important in this movie as she is though. They don’t just wait till they are posessed, they actually fight and scream and have a purpose.



If you only see one horror movie in your lifetime, make it this one. If you are a fan of the original Evil Dead trilogy I suggest you not watch this movie cause it will make the originals look like garbage in comparison. This, by far, is the true Evil Dead experience….


5 out of 5: OFF DA CHIZZY



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