more like “Straight Outta Feels-ton” (Compton movie opinions)



I am sure you have heard so much about this movie already so I don’t really want to waste your time. For those who haven’t watch this film yet, I am not really going to post spoilers but there will be some opinions on it so you may want to watch the movie beforehand cause reading this is not going to justify how great this flick is.


First off, this movie nicely depicts where hip-hop was before these dudes made an album. It’s not to say they were the first cause that is up for dispute… but they definitely were the first to make it big. I am a fan of the fun hip-hop before them as well though. This also depicts nicely where our country was at this point in time as well. The War On Drugs and the phobia of the inner-city people and the inner-city pressures that they face.


I can’t praise enough the actors that portrayed Dr. Dre, Iced Cube and Eazy E. Eazy seemed to be the main focus (and rightfully so) and seemed to have the most character building moments. Maybe not, maybe his story just stood out to me for some reason.


Dr. Dre was great as well. He didn’t really nail down the mannerisms as well as the other 2 did but the story was tight. I mean, they left out a bunch of terrible crap Dre did but I guess they wanted to keep these dudes relate-able.


Ice-Cubs, well, this dude nailed it down. Played by Icee’s son in real life, he was great. The was he yelled and his facial expressions. I bet Cubert was just in awe of his son being able to play him so well.


Every other character is pretty great. The relationships between all the guys in the NWA are kind of lovely at their best. They are brothers and they are there for eachother in times of turmoil. In their worst times you can see that the worlds has turned them against eachother and in the end, they all know they should reunite. There are some nice references of other projects these guys did that didn’t pertain to rap. Ice’s acting career, Dre’s production of other artists and his line of overpriced headphones that the kids love and his collaborations with other rappers and Eazy’s fall from grace… it’s sad to see this especially because apparently he wasn’t even going to rap but his fame led to his fall.


Go watch this movie if you have gotten this far. Go buy a CD (yes, go to Best Buy and buy this) and listen to it in your car. That is what those little slots are for in your car radio. Thanks for reading.