My Movie Pitch (Enemy of the State edition)

I have a few ideas for a movie…. but they are all derivatives of Enemy of the State


First and foremost, a remake:

Starring a cool young talented actor like Shia Lebooufe or Jaden Smith. It’s about a dude who is being followed by the government cause someone narked on him for selling pirated software. But not just any software, I’m talking about Candy Crush cash points. In the end of the movie he never gets caught cause he decided to stop tweeting about it. It was a hard struggle though.

Second Idea, a sequel:

called State or Die… or State, well done….. or Tony Hawk Pro-Stater (that one stars Tony Hawk as a trusty sidekick). In this movie we pretty much use all the world’s cameras to film the movie. There will be a scene where the Will Smith character will be backing out of a driveway and we can see the reverse camera and maybe someone rams into them (Will Smith and Tony Hawk in the car).

Lastly a prequel:

called Enemy of the State Episode 1: Stater Tots. We follow a young baby being watched by baby monitors with an older child who is the Gene Hackman character. He is crawling away from the cops cause they know he will one day be a threat to the government. He crawls through construction sites and the cops are getting hurt by the various hazards. Just imagine Baby’s Day Out but cuter.

and that’s it, hope you enjoyed it 😀

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