Pixels opinions (kinda review)

This isn’t necessarily a review.




Let’s get all the things Pixels does wrong out of the way first:

The story of this movie is not completely terrible but it is a tired Adam Sandler staple (or Hollywood staple if I am being honest here). There is a stale rom-com attached to this movie. Adam’s character is an older dude that has an unimpressive job and he kinda looks like a frumpy/grumpy man-child (let’s be honest here, so do I but I at least try to be funny (which brings me to my next point)).

The movie isn’t that funny…. or really funny at all. There are some funny moments with Josh Gad. That guy on his climb to comedic genius. Everyone else is not really that funny. I didn’t even like Peter Dinklage much… not that I would cause I don’t watch Game of Thrones or anything like that. He was great in Elf though.

The premise was not anything to write home about either. The story is all in the trailer but it never explains why they (the videogame aliens?) thought we were challenging them. It was kinda just cobbled together just to try to kinda justify this movie.


OK, here are the good things about this movie:

It’s fun. It’s super fun. If you are a dude who loves being nostalgic like me, it is a really fun movie. Any fan of gaming that loves to look at it’s historical characters will enjoy the action. I am one of those folks who enjoys pixel art in videogames over realistic looking graphics and this movie kinda feeds on that sentiment. I saw this movie in theaters…. not because I necessarily wanted to support Happy Madison or because I thought it was going to be one of my favorite movies of the year but because I knew the only enjoyment I would get out of it were the visuals and I was not disappointed (especially seeing it in 3D). The way the baddies died reflected how they died in old videogames but in a weird 3D/2D pixel artstyle… and I don’t know how everyone else feels about the style they used for the videogame characters but I actually loved it.


In closing; to the people thinking this is just Adam being the new Michael Bay… that’s an ok assessment and maybe the sequel to this movie will be even more loud and obnoxious like Transformers 2 was and if that does happen then maybe I won’t enjoy it like I did this first installment. This movie seemed to have a good balance between action and waiting for the lame jokes to finish so I can watch more action. I wouldn’t really recommend anyone watch this movie but maybe give it a view on Netflix or something.


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