Star Wars: The Force Awakens Thoughts (for the haters)



Ok this is a good movie. A really really good movie. But I am not here to talk about this… I am here to talk to say some other stuff.


If you have not already seent it, what is wrong with you. Oh, you must be one of those cool “I don’t care about Star Wars… it look dumb” type of folks. It must be soooo exhausting for you to hold back all the need to see this movie so you can look that awesome cause you supposedly “don’t wanna see the movie”. I understand that not everyone is going to like the same movies. To that I say: shutup and watch the movie. I’d say anyone under the age of 200 needs to see this movie. “But I don’t really likey the sci-fis” well then still watch this movie. Who cares if you don’t like all the other entries? Most fans only like about 2 of the 6 other films. So stop your “oh, is that a great movie that people enjoy? I better unreasonably hate everything about it”


BTW, I am joking. People are legit allowed to dislike whatever they want. Have a wonderful day 😀