Terminator Genisys… Why it was bad (and the good stuff too)

Terminator Genisys


the bad

  • it messed up the entire timeline
    • they go back to the original movie’s time and T1000 is already there and so is T800 and he is a good guy now. They make some excuses for this to be but it just doesn’t make sense to do this if it is following the same timeline (which it is)
  • T100
    • of course, he was one of the best villains ever in movies. That was before, this is now. They made him weak and not really a threat anymore. He was such a threat last time. Also, they did that thing like 6 times within 30 minutes where they would shoot him in the face and you would see it regenerate. I got tired of seeing it and screamed out “ok, I get it. You can’t get hurt by bullets. Let’s move along now.”
  • John Connor
    • speaking of characters that don’t match what they were originally… John Connor is now a bad guy. I get it, he was corrupted by nanobots and now he works for Skynet and somewhere in this story he was sent back in time as well and knew exactly where to find the protagonists but it never explains how and why him? Just cause he will have that initial “what, John=bad?” response. But after that (which they ruined by showing in the freakin’ trailer) it’s just kinda like “who cares… kill John”. And that really sucks cause you never wanted John to die.
  • T800
    • I dunno why but he just seemed too witty to be a robot


the good

  • the action was fun
  • if you like Arnold, I think there are like 3 versions of him in this movie

so that’s it. Hope you enjoyed it. This was Isaias (sapo4show) talking about mediocre movies he watched so that you don’t have to

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