Nintendo Direct 2/14/2013

it’s that time of the month again… Nintendo does their thing where they talk about what is coming up. They had some 3DS news and some WiiU news. Here is a video and there is a list of the announcements below it just in case you don’t feel like sitting through it.

WiiU Announcements

New Super Luigi U DLC for the New Super Mario Bros U game: new levels for Luigi solo to play through

Bit Trip Runner 2 out this month

Zen Pinball 2 out this month

Toki Tori 2 out next month

Monster Hunter Demo out next week

3DS Announcements

Mario & Luigi Dream Team: another installment in the Mario RPG games

Mario Golf: World Tour

Donkey Kong Returns 3D: a 3D version of the difficult Wii platformer

Animal Crossing gets a release date for U.S., June 9th

Harmo Knight comes out March 28th

Kersploosh (rock falling 3D game) comes out March 7th

Mario vs Donkey Kong: Minis on the move (new puzzle game) announcement

Dillon Rolling Western 2 out April 11th

Harvest Moon & Legend of the River King releasing on e-shop. These are both Game Boy Color games
Mirror of Fate Demo available on February 28th
Monster Hunter Demo on February 21st
WiiU Street view app available now
3DS E-shop sales
Bit Trip saga is now 10 bucks
Crashmo 6 dollars
Mutant Mudds 6 dollars
Fractured Soul 8 bucks
Sakura Samurai 5 bucks
Ketzal’s Corridors 5 bucks

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