Disney Infinity Chonicles: Intro

This is a new series I decided I would start about a game that will come out in about 2 days, Disney Infinity. If you don’t know what this is then watch the following video:

This game is basically Skylanders, except with Disney characters. I always thought Skylanders was a really cool concept but I don’t really care for Spyro. I do care about Disney stuff though… hence; why I am doing this series and buying this game.

So, with this series, I am pretty much going to be covering anything cool I do in the game, posting screenshots of the game from day-to-day things, posting anything I may achieve in the game and posting new things I buy for this game…. be it the cool power packs and how they alter the game or new stages or new characters. Also, if I end up not liking this game then I will sell it back to Gamestop and this series of blogs will end lol

Anyhow, I hope you guys enjoy reading these and such 😀 have some happy gaming

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