Disney Infinity Chronicles: Entry 1

here is a video I made right when I bought the game


Each of the character campaigns I played were pretty cool. Incredibles, I just kinda ran around beating stuff up. Pirates, I just ran around collecting treasures. Monsters, I played a game of paintball (this was the funnest of the 3). I bought extra characters for the Monsters and Incredibles campaigns and so my daughter played with me on those… she really really enjoyed it. We have played this everyday since the purchase.

The coolest part of this game is (obviously) The Toy Box mode. Unless I am playing this incorrectly, this mode is the hub of everything. You come in and there is a castle in the middle, some baddies run around for you to beat up and stuff. Then there are tools to build things around everything. While I was building stuff, my daughter just kinda ran around and explored the world. In this mode, you are free to pick whatever character you want to run around with, unlike in the campaigns where you can only use the characters asigned for that world (Mike and Sully in Monsters Inc/University world). You gain more tools and toys in the campaigns and also in the Toy Box mode so that you can build more things.

My first time in the Toy Box I built a little race track. There is a black race track tool set. so I made it loop around and stuff. After building it, I added some trees around it and some castle parts. Then I added obstacles and a couple turret guns on the track. I added my envoronment changing things that I showed off in the video (the 2 “Tangled” things). One of them just turns everything flowery and the other does the same thing but has it as night time and with them lanterns from Tangled flying in the air. Now, it is sitting there, ready for racing. Of course, I haven’t even really seen the tip of the iceberg with what this game can do. I keep unlocking things that I can add to the track or that I can just build awesome structures and stages with. Obviously, I am gonna have to try and build a Mario stage and possible recreate my hometown and put “zombies” in it….

All in all, it is a solid game. Probably gonna cost me a lot of money so I can keep adding stuff to it. I really like the figurines you use, anyway… they are nice to just sit out and show off to folks.

Thanks for reading and I will update with new stuff I do đŸ˜€



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