Mario Karting… 8




^ That is the poster I got with my MK8 purchase from Gamestop.


Where do I start with this game? Right in the beginning, the first thing you notice is the awesome beauty of this game.

Here are a couple videos:


first, is me as toad. First race I did and got first place… like a boss


next is me as my Mii and my daughter as Wendy Koopa


What can I say about this game that you haven’t already heard or you already know? It’s beautiful, it plays really well, the battle mode sucks right now (but hopefully DLC will fix that), Online is a ton of fun…. here’s one thing you may have not heard yet though: it is worth owning a WiiU all on its own.


Anyway, this was just a quick entry… later yallz 😀

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