the best 3rd person shooter EVER, Splatoon

(these are just random thoughts on this amazing game)


If I had to describe Splatoon to a person, I would say it’s like Gears of War but a fun version

gears splatoon

I’m not saying Gears is bad but what I am saying is that this is like that game but it’s all about fun and charm and colors and painty squids.


Splatoon is Nintendo’s newest I.P. and by golly it’s a good one. When I first saw it I had my doubts but as I saw more I realized how fun it looked. There are guns and gear galore for your taking (if you are good at the game). The stages are super fun but if you play for too long for one day then the 2 you are given to play with at random (yeah, that’s kinda lame) can get old. I like to play in small bursts, maybe 4 rounds and I am done, so it’s ok with me.  One of the things I love doing it making Miiverse posts and seeing them in the game.

The single player is really fun as well. Just run around a bunch of stages with puzzles and baddies. There is a boss after every few stages. It’s really great so use the single player to practice and hone dem skillz.



Here’s what I do: attack attack attack their base. If they get to my base and are near the spawn point I still do all that I can to get to their base and attack it.

My weapons are rollers or brushes. I don’t do guns very well cause I suck at aiming.


some of my Miiverse posts

zlCfzTdoRg8-fa-zS0 zlCfzTdpQHMWWJwBja zlCfzTdStb4CF1CuMx



Thanks for reading 😀

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