WiiU Games of 2016 (yes, there are some)

there are more than the ones listed, these are just the ones I am interested in




Lego: Marvel’s Avengers 

it’s your every day Lego affair. You should know what to expect from this. It’s always fun though



this game looks fun. Minecrafty building tools to creat arenas and levels for you to hook up with some friends (up to 6)(online or local) and do some old school FPS fun.




Mighty No 9


it’s been in development for a good while now. Let’s hope it’s as amazing as we thought it was going to be




Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

an uprezzed version of the GameCube/Wii game. It looked kinda better and sharper… what I am most excited for is that Midna/Wolf-Link Amiibo



Mario & Sonic Olympics whatever Rio

these are popular… never played one of them though




Terraria WiiU

finally coming to a Nintendo console for anybody who has waited this long for it


Steamworld Heist

follow up to the awesome “Steamworld Dig”. Turn base strategy game. Looks like fun




Star Fox Zero


as lame as the graphics may look to some people, I think it looks ok…. but it’s mostly about the gameplay with Star Fox and hopefully they nail it down




Hyper Light Drifter

looks like a dungeon crawling hack n slash type of game… but dat pixel art tho


Pokken Tournament 

a Pokemon Tekken game… need I say more?


T.B.A. dates


Minecraft Story Mode

looks interesting. Definitely will check it out. It’s a Minecraft game that is a story instead of doing whatever you want


Legend of Zelda WiiU



yup, another old game finally coming to a Nintendo console…. it’s a great game though



…. and that’s pretty much everything. Hope you enjoyed it and I hope it fill the Nintendo fans’ hearts with some sort of hope for the coming year.