Lollipop Chainsaw review

This game is a bloody good time (see what I did there?)



Glitter, hearts and rainbows…. probably not words you would use to describe a zombie decapitating-chainsaw weilding-beat em’ up, but it is exactly that. With every slash and cut there is a pretty sparkle on the screen. Some of you may be saying “that sounds like sissy stuff”… to that I say: whatevz. If you think you are too macho to kill zombies then I feel sorry for you. Other stuff about the visuals: besides the pretty glitz the game doesn’t look that great. It looks good but it’s not Tomb Raider or anything


The soundtrack to this game is one of the reasons I bought it. Evil bumps and old school thumps. It is top knotch. The voice acting is good. Not my type of humor but the acting is well done and cheesy at some points (which is cool). Zombies moan and groan in classic fashion. Some of the zombies speak which is weird but cool.


Button Mash, button mash, button mash. There are some combos to learn but all you really have to do is low hit or high hit. The only time you really need to strategize in any way is when there are crawling zombies, then you low hit or jump-hit. There are moments of QTEs and those are kinda cool but then it gets old. Boss battles are a little cooler and I especially liekd using the cannon thing.


It is definitely worth the money now since it is only like 15 bucks. It’s cool and it’s just fun. There are some drawbacks, it is not a perfect game, but it is definitely unique.

3.5 out of 5




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