6 Seasons and A Movie


Unfortunately this may never happen…

Although critically praised and very well written, Community does not get as good ratings as it deserves. Instead, people are enjoying other TV shows such as: Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and other crappy reality-type shows. It is a shame that we as people are in a place where morons can find “acting” gigs and genius TV shows can’t break through. I guess it’s always these types of shows that are to be misunderstood by the masses. Look back and you will see other examples of this: Arrested Developement, Freaks & Geeks, Firefly, Space: Above and Beyond, to name a few. Maybe, when this show is cut off, people will have an appreciation for it. We can hope. All I know is that I love it and I cannot get enough of it.

My love of the show started about a year ago when a friend of mine recommended it (thank you Stacy). She started me on the 1st season. Explained the jokes and the characters, however, for some reason it didn’t click with me at the time. Why are these people together? Why is Chevy Chase there? Who are the other actors? Isn’t that the guy from The Soup? And isn’t that the guy that was in the trunk in The Hangover? She would just insist that I needed to keep watching it to understand and that she had faith that I would dig it. However, I still could not bring myself to watch it. Then, one day I put it on NBC a little early for The Office and the Halloween episode of  Community was on, and to my own disbelief, I saw zombies. I saw Chevy as a zombie. From that moment I was locked in. It was so funny. I laughed so hard that I cried. From then on I enjoyed it, but, was not tuning in every week. When the season 2 DVDs hit the shelves I bought the first two seasons. I watched those while season 3 began going on air. By the time I had finished the DVDs I had to wait for season 3 to get released on DVD. Bought it, watched it, loved it. Then it just stopped……….. Where was the new season?! Dark times were ahead, this I knew.

Since then I have introduced this show to a few friends. I do this not cause I want people to like it (cause anyone will if they give it a chance) but because I want there to be 6 seasons and a movie. This show has brought me so much joy. I connected with it at a time in my life when things were so dark. I was in the darkest timeline of my life. This brought me into the happiest timeline. And every time I have talked to someone about this show, it’s like we are in a club of some sort cause we connect in the same way. We see the Easter eggs and we get the “in” jokes. However, please do not let that deter you from watching it, there is still plenty there for newcomers. When people try to describe this show, I have heard things like “a funny version of Big Bang Theory”… and although I do like Big Bang, I think this is a much better, smarter, wittier show.

The 4th season airs in 2 weeks, February 7th. I will be tuning in, as well as many other people. I am pleading with the mass TV watching market right now: skip whatever dumb reality show you are watching and just tune in. If you don’t enjoy the show don’t be distressed, the dumb drunken fistfights will be there next week on your regularly scheduled TV programs. Thank you…


Jeff’s Take

Hey Friends!

I wholeheartedly agree with Isaias on this one. This show is one of the funnies shows on the planet. If you are in the same demographic as we are (20+) we know you will enjoy this show. I also know, that given enough time, you will start to identify with the characters. I implore you to watch this show, do it for the kids! Please do not let this show go the way of Pushing Daisies, Firefly, or Space: Above and Beyond. This is the only show that I watch live, I implore you to watch.




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