Goodbye, Greendale 7 :(



the original 7

The day has come. Community has been canceled. One of my favorite TV shows. One of the only TV shows I keep up with. I know it’s just TV but to me this show was more than that. Something about these characters just stood out above the rest.


It was inevitable though. The ratings weren’t so great, NBC never had faith in this show and it was so daring with its comedy. Not daring in a South Park raunch sort of way but daring in a way that if you didn’t get it then you hated it. I got it and I loved it.


This show had some of the greatest writers and the creator, Dan Harmon, is a genius (I would die protecting his vision). The great thing is that the show was consistently getting better and better under Harmon. Even at the shows worst times, it was still better than any other comedy on TV (heck, maybe in movies). It wasn’t just the writers, creator or directors… the actors were amazing. Funny, witty, charming but most of all believable.


I don’t really want to draw this out too long cause if you truly cared about this show then you share my feelings on it being canceled. It’s a real bummer but we sort of saw it coming. So my last words to this show and everyone involved in this show “Dean ya later… you Chang-ed my expectations of comedy and TV”….




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