S4: Episode 1 Impressions

Spoilers ahead



In the weeks building up to this episode, I was a bit worried, very anxious but still worried. I didn’t know what was going to become of my now favorite show on T.V. currently. In the opening of this show, Troy an Abed walk in and say stuff and there is a laugh track, then the rest of the gang walk in and I hear more laugh track. “WHAT HAVE THEY DONE?!?!?!” I think. Then Fred Willard walks in insead of Chevy Chase. I laugh and realize this is a gag. Right then and there I realize that although Dan Harmon is gone, this can still be the show I love.

Now, although this wasn’t a “blow your mind” kinda episode, it was still a hilarious episode that spoke to dudes and chicks like me. There was a gag with Pierce trying to make a joke about red balls throughout the episode that I thought was amazing. The Britta and Troy fountain wish thing had some good laughs. Annie and Sherley pulling pranks was kinda funny. The funnier thing was Annie’s idea of what a prank was: moving everything on the dean’s desk one inch to the left, except for the stapler. The thing that topped it off was that the dean made a comment about it towards the end.

The one problem I had with the episode was the Jeff and Dean dance thing. I know we are beyond (BEYOND) the days of Dean’s subtle obsession with Jeff, but I miss those days. They weren’t dancing together or sharing longing looks, the dean was just placing his hand on Jeff’s shoulder or abs. Although I did enjoy Dean Pelton’s wardrobe changes, it just seemed a bit much when they were dancing. But I guess it does make sense that Jeff would dance with him cause he is changing also. I just miss the subtle flirts and such.

Speaking of change, Chang is in the end of the episode and it is just as creepy as ever and I am guessing a sign of things to come. I am excited for that cause he is so evil, he is the darkness that clouds over Greendale. Although Pierce can be evil sometimes, it’s just cause he is a jerk. But there is something seriously wrong with Chang and I can’t wait to see what he has got stirring in that crazy brain of his.

All in all it was a great episode. There is only a little I disliked but it’s just me missing something that won’t come back cause this show is evolving. I accept that, but, doesn’t mean I won’t miss it. There has to be change and I understand that cause if there isn’t then maybe even the faithful few following this show will get bored. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it as well.


I concur with much of what Isaias has already said. I do not normally watch shows as they air, I usually will DVR a whole season, and then watch it in one sitting, or, I will just catch it on Netflix. Community is my one exception. Since Isaias kind of wrote a more narrative impression of the episode, I am just going to write my likes/dislikes and expound upon a few of them.


  • Laugh Track start: Got it off the bat and enjoyed it.
  • Abed’s Inception-y Happy Place, from going full sit-com stereotype to devolve into Muppet Babies, it was great. The best part were the ads for fake shows that kept popping up during the segments.
  • Moving the stapler left one inch
  • Instragram for BFFs
  • Troy and Britta in the fountain, go back and watch this and listen for what Troy says.


  • The Hunger Deans weren’t used enough, they advertised it as a big thing, and it turned out to be just a back drop for “New Jeff.” I had high hopes for it and it fell flat to me.
  • The tango section went too long
  • Pierce trying to come up with a joke, I wish he really had something there
  • Annie and Sherley pulling a prank, needed more screen time I think… I don’t know about that one, I’m in the middle
  • The Dean is not being subtle about Jeff anymore, disappointed.

Thats it folks, we out!



4 comments on “S4: Episode 1 Impressions

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  2. No mention of the Muppet babies spoof!? That was so out of left field I ended up laughing harder than it was worth.

    The laugh track really worried me for half a second! Then I noticed it cut off too soon, and realized it was a bit.

    I liked the episode. I agree, it wasn’t great, but I had a few LOLs and maintained a smile throughout

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