Goodbye, Moon Men (Rick & Morty Season 2 Overview)




Only 10 episodes long but goodness were they great. I am a huge fan of this show and I figured I should write a piece where I give quick opinions on each episode… so, again, MAJOR SPOILERS possibly


A Rickle in Time

This episode is just a reminder as to why RIck and Morty never actually travel time. They travel to alternate universes and to alien planets but they never travel time (unless you count the way we all travel time, which is at the appropriate speed). As the creators have explained before, traveling time causes different things to change in current times. Continuity would be a mess to keep up with. Anyway, this episode was great… so many great Rick moments.


Mortynight Run

So, the Jermaine Clement cameo is enough to love this episode ALONE. Not only that but it was a great reminder of how moral Morty is. He tries to do the right thing up until the very moment when he can not be moral anymore… or when the moral thing to do is what he thought was immoral before.


Auto Erotic Assimilation

The amazing episode that introduced me to Chaos Chaos the band… they are the band that sing the song that plays in the very end. This episode was so freaking great. Community references, relationship woes. It has it all. The thing that struck me as awesome is that the only person you actually see Rick with throughout the entire series is not really a person at all… but an entity that can take control of many minds but won’t take control of him. For what reason? I can only imagine that it is because either Rick is too smart for that or he is such an interesting individual that the hive mind didn’t want to ruin it. At the end though, Rick’s ways drives away someone that didn’t want him to leave but knew it would be best for themselves’ if they left.

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Total Rickall

Seemed like a more of a filler type episode but it was fun none the less. All the lies and Mr. Poopy Butthole


Get Schwifty

awwwwwwwwwww YEAH!! You gotta get schwifty in here. I really enjoyed this one and this is the one that gets most hate but I thought it was hilarious. This is another filler episode but just super funny. Ice-T is the best… especially now that he cares.



The Ricks Must Be Crazy

This episode is the perfect cartoon representation of a Venn-diagram where the 2 circles between genius and crazy overlap.


Big Trouble In Little Sanchez

Do you like vampires? Do you like highschool dances? Do you like internal images and depictions of people being manifested into actual beings and trying to kill everyone in sight? Then this is the episode for you. It’s funny. Also, the Tiny Rick story is so great and so tragic.


Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate

The first one on season 1 has got to be my favorite of that season. It probably isn’t my favorite on this season but it is still hilarious. Little Bits and Michael Precinct Vincent 16 (I believe that’s what it’s called) are the best ones. Also, I finally know how a Plumbus is made.


Look Who’s Purging Now

This was a nice episode because I finally get to see Morty become the angry/irrational dude…. only because the situation calls for it for basic survival.


Look Who’s Purging Now

And the last episode… so good, so many feelings. It starts with Rick being his same old cold self towards his friend getting married. He has a protective shield around his heart. Rarely do we see his heart warm up. This was one of those episodes that this happens (along with Auto Erotic Assimilation, obviously). That doesn’t last long and he freezes it up once again… but then at the end, he gives himself to those authorities that have been searching for him and his friends cause he doesn’t want to be a burden on his family. We see the episode finish with him being locked away in an intergalactic super prison… all while Nine Inch Nails-Hurt is playing. perfectly done


SO, there is my overview. If you have any opinions then let me know. Thanks for reading