Injustice: Gods Among Us review

by: Isaias Frias


these cats are fast as lightning…


Oh my, what a story… and it should be, to justify (pun… not really) the fact that essentially any hero in this game can beat up Superman. The story mode puts you in the shoes of nearly all the characters in the game. The Battle (arcade) mode will have you choose your fighter and go through a line of fights to see a scripted ending, giving you a different ending for each character you choose to play as. All in all the stories are good and as believable as a comic book game can be.



Do you like how Mortal Kombat characters are controlled? If not, then you won’t like how these control. This game is not a reskinned Mortal Kombat game, to be completely honest, but it does control very similar. Not that this is a bad thing. People obviously like that style if they keep doing it. In fights there are also environmental hazards to use against a foe and they added this new super move thing that takes a lot of damage away. It is a really cool concept but it’s kinda unfair. To add to the standard fight though, are all the extra modes. The Battle (arcade) mode can be played to where you are fighting only villains or only heroes. You can also go through the mission mode and play a bunch (I really do mean A BUNCH) of random missions (some of which are just tutorials for the fighting modes).


The visuals are amazing in this game… while you are in a fight. The character models look cool and have much detail. The stage designs are awesome… if you are a comic book fan. There’s the Bat-cave featuring Bat-wing in the background and Batman’s control deck.. or the streets of Metropolis. In cut scene though, the animation isn’t perfect and the characters don’t look as nice. That may be expected, I suppose. The cut-scenes for the super moves look great though.



Hmmmmm, a lot of the original voice cast in the Batman Arkham games returned for this game… you tell me what that means. Seriously though, the voice acting is amazing in this game. The sound design is superb. Punches sound like punches, kicks sound like kicks, laser eyes sound like laser eyes.


overall the game is a solid fighting game with a lot to offer and plenty of reason to go back and play after you beat the long Story mode

4/5 stars


The WiiU score:

The WiiU Gamepad can be used as a screen to play the game on instead or it can be used to display your moves list as you’re playing. Unfortunately though, the convenience doesn’t cover up the flaws that this version has. I had to take my WiiU sound settings off of surround sound cause it would pull the voice acting from the main sound and it would only come out through the Gamepad speakers. While it was doing this all I could hear from my Surround Sound speakers was sound effects and music. Another terrible thing is that the WiiU version will not be getting the DLC coming out, which features my personal favorite comic book character, Lobo.

3.5/5 for the WiiU version

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