Fixing Nintendo’s Image

Hi everyone… this is Isaias speaking here. Many of you may know that I am a big fan of Nintendo. Some people have gone so far as calling me a fanboy (although traditional fanboys have a closed mind to things that are not what they are fans of)… regardless, I really love this company but their image is past tarnished. It’s ridiculous. This is my open letter of seggestions to NOA and any other Nintendo peeps out there.

Here is an example of Nintendo marketing:


This commercial may be a bit old but it sends a clear message: this is not for gamers, it is for families who like to smile and have people watch them though giant windows in their home…. basicall, it’s for no one. Well, message recieved Nintendo… no one is buying it.

You announce to the gaming community that you are about the “gamers” but you release garbage like this into the world. Let me tell you something (Nintendo and readers) there is nothing wrong with Nintendo games. These games are great and charming as Chaplin but sometimes tough as nails. Take Donkey Kong Country Returns for example… one of the hardest games of the generation. I am not going to get started on the whole “same Nintendo franchises” argument cause that’s not what this blog is about… but if you are depriving yourself of an amazing game cause you don’t like the characters then that’s dumb. That’s like not watching the greatest movie in the world cause you dislike the actors.


Now, since this blog is coming from a place of love… I am going to tell you how to fix your crap, Nintendo.

First off, stop with the ads that have cold environments and people sitting around, smiling too much. NO ONE GAMES LIKE THIS!!!! If a family is sitting around playing games, it is certainly fun but we don’t want to game in a room with blue and pink lights in it. And these family/party games are also used in actual parties… show us that.

EMPHASIZE SINGLE PLAYER cause that’s how the audience you really want to reach out to plays. I understand that ALOT of casuals bought a Wii, that’s nice but they aren’t coming back for more games. Those people bought it and got Wii Sports, Wii Fit and NSMB… they aren’t buying any other awesome exclusives, your fans are. Make more GAMER fans and they will buy all your exclusives plus some 3rd party stuff. The casuals aren’t coming back cause the Wii was a trend… nothing more. And if Twitter has taught us anyhting it is that “trending” things don’t last forever.

I suggest you, Nintendo, do this: have a commercial with somebody (any age but I suggest a 15-25 yr old) sitting in a dark room, playing a game and getting frustrated… he/she walks away angry… then show a sizzle reel of the game… then show the gamer again as he/she comes back and beats whatever part he/she was doing and he/she shouts and celebrates… then the screen says NINTENDO: GAMERS WANTED (or something blatant and cheesy like that). Guess what, you already have games that do that (as stated above) and these scenarios really happen. When a gamer sees this on the screen, it will speak to them cause it’s real.

you used to be so cool

you used to be so cool

In closing I just want to add: please bring us more games onto WiiU. E3 is just around the corner and we want you to redeem yourself. Thanks for reading, folks 🙂

2 comments on “Fixing Nintendo’s Image

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  2. Right on! Gimmicks are a short-term solution and solid gameplay is the longterm solution. Maybe its time for a SNES 2?

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