The Blogging Dead: Thoughts on Season 4 Thus Far

***Spoilers Ahead***


I have yet to see the most recent episode of TWD, which I believe is called “Indifference”, but I think I may stand alone in this opinion when I say “I really like it”. It’s not too much but it isn’t completely boring. I mean, think about it: we’ve been following this rag-tag group of survivors for 3 seasons already. There really isn’t much new that can happen to them….. or so we thought. This season made me remember that these people still have to deal with pre-zombie things i.e. the common cold (well, I think in this case it would be  a super-cold).

Characters seem to be growing

This season I have seen Carl become a bit more relatable and yet (as I have heard people describe him) a bit too big for his britches. His relationship with his father seems to be growing stronger, which is a nice detail because in past seasons he just kinda seemed like a  nuisance. He is more involved in the going-ons and not just shooting random innocent defenseless people in the woods.

Rick seems to be gaining his leadership back now that his “ghost-wife” (new comedy movie perhaps) isn’t haunting him. I liked that he took back his gun.

Carol… something is up with her. She is getting more screen time, so that’s good. I don’t think she killed those people though (remember, I haven’t seen the newest episode). She is stronger now and cares about the group.

Daryl just seems like he is there for now to help and kill zombies…. same goes for Michonne. Hopefully we see these two characters fleshed out. Maybe a love connection there :3

Random Speculation

The little girl killed those 2

She is also feeding the zombies

They are gonna go to Macon to look for Da Govna… I hope there is some type of random crossover or reference to the gang from the Telltale videogame.

the spin-off that is in the works is gonna be something totally different. Fingers crossed for a family style sitcom.

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