Hey, how you been?

So, it’s been a good while since I have written/posted anything. A lot of stuff has been going on lately, though. My life has been spiraling and all that jazz. I do miss writing though so this is just a quick drop by to say “hi”.

I think we will be podcasting sometime in the future but I just wanted to give ya a list of games I have been playing and other things I have been up to.

Most recently, been playing Grand Theft Auto 5. It’s an awesome game. If you don’t already have it then buy it (also, why don’t you already have it?). I drew this up one day cause I like the game so much:


I have also been playing Windwaker HD (amazing game), Back to the Future and replaying The Walking Dead on my PS3.

hmmmmmmmmmmm what else, what else? OH!! I gave away a digital copy of World War Z on the Teknocratic Revolution Facebook Page.

I went to Disney World (which was amazing)…

Anyway… just wanted to say “hey”. Hopefully we will be recording soon so I can talk about Disney, video games, The Walking Dead, Community is starting soon (I hope) and other awesomeness 😀 thanks for reading :3


4 comments on “Hey, how you been?

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  3. I’m glad you had a great time at Disney world, I’ve only been to Disney land and it was pretty cool, I can only imagine that DW is that much better haha!!
    Have you beaten GTA V yet? I’m getting close and I don’t want it to end! Such an awesome game!!

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