I am such a noob…

Last night was the first night I have ever played Call of Duty online. It was a horrendous experience.

I went online with a couple friends who I know from a Facebook group. These 2 dudes were like at level 43 and 39. I was level 1 of course. I went in and just accepted the first gun set that it gave me. An assault rifle (I guess that’s what it was) and another weapon (I didn’t even bother to check what it was). I go in and I am in this map with buildings that have been torn down… scenarios started playing out in my head as to why there were no people in this city and all the buildings were rubble. Perhaps there was a virus that cleared out the whole city or a giant dragon had roamed through there. As I was thinking these things….. BANG….. I was dead. Asked to respawn and I was like “heck yes I will respawn and get the jerk that shot me. BANG….. down again. OK, this time I won’t go down so eas… BANG. Alright after this happened a few more times I start moving around more, going on the hunt.

I see a guy and he doesn’t see me… krrrraaakk, I shoot my gun for the first time and land a kill. I am happy. Got one dude. “hahaha you were gunned down by a noob” I exclaim. My teammates laugh and call me a noob. I run around a bit more and someone shoots at me. I turn around and shoot him down. BAM, I got another one. I get giddy and run around to find one of his partners was following right behind him and he takes me down…….. crap. They hunt me down a few more times.

At the end of it all I killed 2 dudes and got killed 12 times. I don’t know if that is considered a bad ratio (probably) but I consider it a success. One thing I am shocked at was the overwhelming lack of people talking trash. Must be cause it’s on the WiiU and not 360. So there’s one of the positives. All in all it was a delightful experience but I think I will practice on bots and get my bearings and jump back online.


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