The Matrix Trilogy: The Matrix

I remember seeing the trailer to this movie. It looked too amazing. Special effects, bullet time, sunglasses. I remember thinking that perhaps it was nothing more than a special effects movie with no substance (I was obviously wrong). So, I skipped it…. for a few years.

One day this movie was on cable or something so I sat down and watched it. I went so long not knowing that this Neo was to be a super hero of sorts and not knowing that this was set in the very distant future and our time at the same time. When I heard Morpheus explain this it blew my mind. At the end of the movie all I could think to say was “whoa”. Not since this movie has a movie blown my mind so much (maybe Cabin in the Woods but that’s it). The only thing to top the way I felt about this movie is plot twists in videogames (Bioshock Infinite for example).

This movie has just the right amount of action. The antagonist is someone you really want to hate. He/they represent every urge that we as human beings have to take down “the man”. They are the cogs that make the machine work but we are the batteries that give them the power. This movie is essentially telling us that we can also take the power away if we are really determined to. At least, that’s what I am taking from it.

The one beef I would say I have with this movie is in the form of the following question: When the hack did Trinity have the time to sincerily fall in love with Neo? Where was that connection? Sure, they went on missions together but they never hung out and spent time together. If they did, the audience never saw it. You gotta show the audience something to make this beleivable. When she says that she loves him I was like “Really? Why? Since when?” Maybe she’s just a weirdo. “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy. But you can’t die cause I love you baby”. I have felt this way since I saw this movie. If I am wrong then let me know in the comments below.

Anyhow, thanks for reading 😀 Enjoy your day.

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